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Mystery Machine, revisited

I am so happy to announce that I just finished texturing the Mystery Machine… again. A completely different approach compared to my old project, from 2018. Back then, I aimed to keep the asset true to the original cartoon, with a very strong playful style. This new one is meant to look like a van that could exist, but still with a lot of style and hand paint work by the Scooby gang. It was a lot more time consuming than I had thought and it probably has more layers than you can imagine. I hope you love the result. My biggest challenge was creating this hand painted feel that I mentioned. The paint needs to have variations from the brushes in color intensity, thickness and discoloration. Also the black outlines on the body and the wheels needed to drip a little and have some different characteristics from the colored paint underneath. Finding the right coat and degradation amount for a vehicle that drives in so many unique situations like the iconic vehicle does in the cartoon was also hard, but hopefully I was able to find the sweet spot. Revisiting an old project is less romantic than it sounds. Josh Antonio joined me and modeled the van. Please check his post out to see his considerations. I will share more stuff soon, like close-up renders, turntable and a timelapse of the texturing process xD. You can see more here:

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